Dhanwantari College of Nursing

Twenty Students will be admitted to Revised General Nursing and Midwifery Course (R.G.N.M) to Dhanwantari College of Nursing, Nashik on the basis of merit obtained by them in the 12th standard. The prospectus and application can be obtained from the Principal –Dhanwantari College of Nursing, Nashik.


1) 3 & ½ years (Three year and 6 months).
2) Total weeks for 3 & ½ years-182wks (156+26).
3) Vacation-19 wks (18+1).
4) Gazatted holidays-7 wks (6+1).
5) Examinations (including preparatory) -7 wks(6+1).
6) Available weeks-149 wks.
7) Teaching hrs per week-36hrs per week.
8) Total -5364 hrs.

The minimum age for admission shall be 17 completed years on or before 31st July of the year in which admission is sought.

On completion of practical experience, records to be signed by the tutor and countersigned by the principal
1) A candidate must have minimum of 80% attendance
(Irrespective of the kind of absence) in theory and practical in each subject for appearing for examination.
2)A candidate must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before the award of completion certificate.

Pass marks for each nursing subject on aggregate will be 50%
1) A candidate has to pass in theory and practical exam separately in each of the paper.
2) Maximum number of attempts permitted for each paper 3 including first attempt.

1) Distinction shall be in aggregate - 75%
2) First Division - 70% & above
3) Second Division - 60% - 69%
4) Third Division - 50% - 59%
Certificate will be issued on successful completion of training requirement. Qualified GNMs have to registered by the Maharashtra Nursing Councils under the provision of the State Nursing Councils and Indian Nursing Council Act as GNMs, before joining services as a qualified Staff Nurses and to practice as GNM.

Teaching Faculty :

Physical Facilities
The institute has a well furnished college building, with all the required resources fulfilling the norms & basic criterion laid by the affiliating bodies. The college building consist of spacious classrooms, well equipped various laboratories,
administrative office, staff room, study room etc. The college is situated in the premises of the hospital. The college
atmosphere is pleasant & away from other distractions, so that the students would concentrate on their studies.
Separate well furnished, male & female student accommodations are available in the college hostel with
reasonable charges. Regular cleanliness & hose keeping is maintained in the hostels. 24 hours water supply & electricity is available.

Separate mess for Gents & Ladies is available which provides hygienic & nutritive diet (Break fast, Tea & Meals) with
reasonable charges. The food is prepared by the workers who under go regular health check ups.

Central Library
Institute has a well equipped, spacious Central Library with sufficient Text & reference books of Indian as well as foreign
authors, for all subjects. It also provides recent research articles & Journals, current affairs - articles like newspapers,
magazines, communication skill books etc

Practical Demonstration Laboratory

spacious practical demonstration laboratories attached to the college are available for conducting routine Practicals for
different subjects like Biochemistry, Microbiology, hematology, Clinical pathology etc & facilitated with all
necessary equipments, reagents, glass wares and articles.
Anatomy Laboratory
Anatomy lab is available in the college, equipped with dummies, models, specimens, Bones/ skeleton and anatomy &
physiology charts.

Community Laboratory

The nursing college & school has a community laboratory to train the students in community health care & make them
acquainted with advanced models of health care system. The lab consists of simulation equipments, models & charts,
family set up to practice family & community health care mechanism.
Nutrition Laboratory

Institute’s dietetics department has a Kitchen type- Nutrition laboratory for demonstrating various dietetic recepies /experiments to the students & is equipped with all the required cooking Ingredients, instruments, utensils etc

Conference Hall
A spacious conference hall is available, useful for conducting
routine meetings, conferences, Presentations, Guest lectures,
Recreation hall
Well furnished & spacious recreation hall is available where the institute conducts, cultural activities, various functions & annual gathering.

STD & Fax
STD / ISD Public telephone booth & PCO coin boxes are installed for the communication service of students & locals in the Institute campus along with fax service provided for official purpose.
Xerox centre
Xerox facility is provided in the institute campus to the
students & staff for personal & official purpose.

Computer section
The institute is fully computerized & all departments are
interconnected with computers. The institute has separate
computer laboratory with large set of computers exclusively for the
students training & education.