Dhanwantari Homoeopathic Medical College

BHMS is Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicin 7 Surgery. Academic Course is 4 & 1/2 Years along with 1 yr. compulsory roratory internship. BHMS is divided into 4 parts in the perios of 4 & 1/2 Years.
1st BHMS 1 &1//2 Years
2nd BHMS 1 Year
3rd BHMS 1 Year
4th BHMS 1 Year
Subject During BHMS :
BHMS-I Anatomy

Homoeopathic Pharmacy

  Homoeopathic Materia Medica
  Organon of Medicine
BHMS-II Pathology & Microbiology
  Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Homoeopathic Materia & Medica

  Organon of Medicine
BHMS-III Surgery With Homoeopathic Therapeutics
  Obstetrics & Gynecology with Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Homoeopathic Materia & Medica

  Organon of Medicine Homoeopathic Philosophy
BHMS-IV Practice of Medicine with Homoeopathic Therapeutics
  Community Medicine

Homoeopathic Materia Medica

  Homoeopathic Repertory
  Organon of Medicine & Hom. Philosophy
1 Year Compulsory internship.
Examination :   Examination is Couducted by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences - Nashik.
Registration :   Registration is given by Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathic after Completion of Internship.

Dhanwantari  homoeopathic college is running well  established hospital all modern equipments.

Our  hospital is with 25 beds along with operation theater, labour room, male-female  wards seperately with well  equipped  pathological instruments highly sterilized labooratories, Serveral Government  Program Schemes National Programs are conducted with full scuccess  & enthusiasm also our student are taking parts in various activities of Nashik Municiopal  Coproration oru  O.P.D. & I.P.D. are giving services to needs  of society & in service with society  24hrs . there is visit of  specialist from all acaulties available in ration college in regularly conducting health check up camps to the rural areas surroundings  Nashik.
Villages such as Pathardi, Morwadi, Untwadi, Rajur, Pimplad.

There are peripheral O.P.D's at different places in Nashik, our doctors & students are giving treatment to sick people.

Eligibility for admission
1. 12th science passed minimum
Document Requirment
6. Cast Certificate
1 S.S.C. Passing
7. Cast Validity Certificate
2. H.S.C. Passing
8. Gap Passing
3. Leaving Certificate
9. Medical Fitness
4. Mirgration Certificate
10. Age Nationality & Domiciled
5. Non Creamy Layer
11. Associate CET/MH-CET Mark-sheet
vinita Dr. Vinita Periera (Gold Medal 2006-2007)
vinita Dr. Shirin Shaikh (Gold Medal 2009-2010)
Vice Chancellor'S letter